PetroChina Watch is Launching with a Weekly Market Analysis

Welcome to my PetroChina blog. As an ex-pat and currently living in China with my family – and involved in the burgeoning oil trade – I write about the movements of oil as this is something that I am passionate about. One of my jobs is to trade the maret in oil for my company (which I cannot name here) – and I have become – more out of curiosity then job necessity – interested in the movement of markets and what affects them.

I have also traded oil futures and so I have created this blog to bring to light my various interests in this field and to hopefully educate you not just in your ability to trade futures but also educate those with a general interest of how various events impact the oil industry.

There are many things going on right now – and various things will be discussed including how Donald Trump’s move to put coal mining back into America’ heartland will affect oil prices, as well as Tesla’s push for renewable energies (and other companies also).

Hopefully as you join me for this journey you will learn a lot of new things – and of course I am always open to debate – I know that my position – both as an employee of the oil business, not to mention my location will fill me with bias as is apt to happen – so I would welcome input from others as to what I’m seeing right but more importantly what I’m seeing wrong.

Oil has always played a big part in politics and we would like to take this opportunity to announce our new video channel Рwhile it is not launched yet we are in the process of setting up a studio Рwhich has been setup for us thanks to residential soundproofing and we look forward to creating great easily digestible content for you!

As far as oil trade goes I would suggest checking out ‘The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power‘ at GoodReads.

And finally I recommend checking out the video documentary below:

It is about how big oil conquered the world and is definately an insightful read.

Hope you get value from this blog and I look forward to updating soon!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Silkwood Medical Bondi for helping support our fledging newspaper – the owner is a personal friend and he has been instrumental in ensuring that I am able to continue my work.